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Schluter systems are worth your while

When you choose a Schluter shower system, you choose peace of mind, for one thing. For another, you'll gain the reputation that comes with the name. These systems work well in any shower to add lifespan and excellent benefits.

Schluter shower pan facts

This prefabricated product is light, easy to install, and reduces installation time. They are easy to cut to fit various sizes but offer extensions with dry pack mortar use. You'll find format variety of designs for your specific use, so browse all your options.

The density of these materials offers excellent compression resistance. In addition, the Schluter shower pan creates a custom look that works with small-format tile. So, when you need quality and functionality, these products are worth your time.

What you should know about the kerdi board

This is a multifunctional building panel used to create shower assemblies. They are entirely waterproof and allow you to develop tile-ready showers and more. And you can even install these pieces over drywall for an outstanding experience.

One of the best features of this component is that the kerdi board is its vapor barrier. No water will ever slip behind these solid pieces since we add no grouting to these solid pieces. You can even paint these boards after adding joint compound and sanding.

Schluter shower systems as a whole

The Schluter system, as a whole, offers integrated products for a complete system. So, it comes with the peace of mind that failures will not happen. But it also gives you the fastest shower install possible.

It's no wonder that many homeowners choose these materials for their homes. We have Schluter shower systems to serve you well if you need waterproof pipe seals or shower benches. And you'll enjoy a variety of warranties that give you the peace of mind you deserve.
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