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Design your own custom rug

A custom area rug is a bold statement of style. It says that you enjoy elegance as much as individual taste. Now you can design and purchase your own custom rug at Ocala Carpet & Tile and have it delivered anywhere in Ocala, Alachua, Silver Springs and Belleview! These floor coverings are durable and beautiful. Each product is made with high quality materials and crafted to fit your vision. There are hundreds of possible options and each one can fit a different decor. Fast shipping makes it easy to design your dream space sooner. Low prices make these custom rugs affordable on any budget.

Advantages of Choosing a Custom RugWhat makes custom area rugs so attractive in your home? For starters, they reflect your personal style. There are so many ways to use these products to change your home design for the better. They are also more useful than you think. Here are some of our favorite benefits of choosing a custom rug:

  • You control the size. Do you have a small amount of flooring that you want to protect, like a mudroom? Or a tight bathroom space with very little space? You can customize your rug to fit any sized space, big or small.

  • You choose the material. Are you fond of the wild look of shag, or something soft and elegant like wool? There are hundreds of different piles and materials to choose from in our carpet collection. You can even mix and match textiles to create one of a kind looks for your home!

  • You can pick the colors. Color is a powerful tool when it comes to design. Blues inspire calm feelings. Reds and oranges are bold and intense. Greens and browns make homes feel closer to nature. You can use the colors of your custom rug to inspire an entire design or complete an existing look.
Custom area rugs in Ocala FL from Ocala Carpet & Tile
  • You can find different themes. Some manufacturers offer seasonal designs. Find fall designs with maple leaves and oranges and golds. See winter styles with reds and whites. Manufacturers also rotate different seasonal styles from top designers. The choice is up to you!

  • You save more money. That’s right, a custom rug can actually be cheaper than a mass produced rug. You can request different payment methods or find budget-friendly materials. You can also save money just on the basis that you will not have to send back your rug-- you will know what it looks like well before it ever arrives on your doorstep.

  • You get fast delivery. There is no need to wait for long delivery times. We have mastered the art of packing and shipping custom rugs faster! You can trust that your floor covering will arrive fast and in excellent condition. If you aren’t satisfied, simply send it back. We’ll refund you or replace the rug just as quickly.

How you can get started

Getting started is as easy as logging onto your computer. We offer hundreds of amazing custom rug options online. You can also find our stores in . Shopping with us means having more high quality options at affordable prices. Design your own perfect floor covering with custom area rug products and services at Ocala Carpet & Tile.