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Superior service

Sure, everybody gives "superior service." Ours actually begins up front when you walk in the door. Our stores carry the broadest selection of quality flooring products in the area. Our floors are priced so you can pretty well calculate your own estimates without having to know about every little component that goes into making a finished floor. We allow you take samples home from the store to assure that the colors and styles you liked in the store's lighting, have the same appeal in your lighting at home. And, we send a trained professional to your home to advise you on the amount of material it will require for us to do the job, the transitions needed, and answer any design or installation questions.

100% Focus on homeowners

Our major market is you, the homeowner. Our customers are interested in the right product and superior craftsmanship at the right price with a responsible follow up after the installation. We've built our business on just that, satisfying the most discriminating homeowner with years of service after the sale.

Quality materials

What's under that carpet, laminate or tile could be the difference in how your floor performs, looks and sounds. All crack suppression membranes are not equal. All thinset is not the same. Vinyl and wood adhesives have trace elements that tell the manufacturers if the specified adhesives were in fact applied. Cutting corners in the quality of installation components can create major headaches and expenses in the long run. We use latex additives, joint materials, membrane adhesives and factory required bonding agents and padding as required on each job to optimize the performance of our flooring.

Family owned & operated

Ocala Carpet and Tile, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1989 with the owners working side by side with employees serving customers on a daily basis. Local ownership allows customers to get prompt responsive decision making when special needs or circumstances occur.

Professional installation

Your installer works for Ocala Carpet & Tile and has proven him/herself to be competent, courteous, reliable and trustworthy through years of service and many satisfied customers. Most of our installers are certified by the manufacturers' whose products we carry.

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